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The company bearing the name “Domstroi” ltd. was established on 24.05.2006. Its main office is located in Sofia, Krasno selo Municipality ,Borovo Str.№52, bl.1,entr.A,apt.8, BULSTAD 175096880


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“Domstroi” ltd. has been set up by the members of 2 building companies, seated in Thessalonica and named as it follows:




The companies have been operating in the sphere of private and state building for over 35 years ,erecting buildings covering an area of 150 000m2 within these years. They have accumulated a lot of experience in designing and construction of HQ housing buildings, offices, shops as well as big commercial sites not only in Thessalonica but also in northern Greece.

Company`s establishment in Bulgaria is a result of its members` activity aiming at creating a new scheme of initiatives in the field of building, realized in a neighbor country. Experience accumulated and “know-how” afford an opportunity to the members of “Domstroi” ltd. for undertaking constant and stable actions toward selecting business projects which will enable their further development in the building branch.

Company`s activity is aimed at its further development in housing construction, buying building plots through applying the method of compensation not only in the vast area of Sofia but also in other big Bulgarian settlements.

Some of the buildings jointly erected by both companies within the last 10 years in Greece are represented In “Projects” Section. Some have been completed , other are still under construction.


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