Building structures are erected in compliance with the updated building requirements. Following materials and components are used:

- brick work with bricks produced in Greece

- lime and lime-cement plaster

- floor cement putty

- wall and ceiling stucco, joint premises painting

- Chinese granite-grease flooring 40x40 or 50x50 in joint premises

- stucco cardboard facing

- majolica facing

- facade heat insulation on Baumit” system

- façade mineral majolica on Baumit” system

- PVC and aluminum joinery-Aluplast- tri-camera with low-emission glass packets

- three-sided locking armored front doors of natural veneer

- MDF and wooden inside doors of natural veneer

- wall,railings and joint premises stone facing- limestone from Vratsa -40x40,30x60

- aerial railings from inox /aluminum/electric –dust painting

- roof ,terrace and wall hydro isolation- Plunex-Italy

- water and sewers instillation ( PVC and polypropylene

- electric fittings installation: switches, plugs, panel boards and wiring material

- O and B fittings- calorimeters and collectors installation, assembling by radiators, aluminum radiators.

- vertical planning and gardening

- elevator

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Holiday Villas - Sani /Halkidiki/, Greece

Back view of the forest surrounding the site



Apartament houses with shops - "Borovo" - Sofia



Apartament houses with shops - "Mladost 1A", block 3 - Sofia



Shops 1-st level

Shops 2-nd level


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6




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